Enhance your Ring Central event & engage your audience

Ring Central teamed up with Snapbar to allow your guests to create fun and engaging photos during your virtual, hybrid, or in-person events. A seamless integration ensures your audience will be able to take selfies online or in-person, both of which will appear in the same event photo gallery and photo mosaic.

virtual photo booth output examples
Your audience wants to connect and have fun. Photo booths engage people and make that a reality.
example of a virtual photo booth

Virtual Photo Booth

Better event engagement and user-generated photo content for your brand. Our online photo booth is a fun and simple way to engage any audience!

Virtual Photo Mosaic

From anywhere in the world, Virtual Photo Mosaic connects people by letting them create a branded photo compilation in real-time.

branded virtual photo mosaic
Virtual HeadshotsHopin Virtual Photo BoothHopin Virtual Photo BoothHopin Virtual Photo BoothHopin Virtual Photo BoothHopin Virtual Photo BoothHopin Virtual Photo BoothHopin Virtual Photo BoothHopin Virtual Photo BoothHopin Virtual Photo Booth

"The booth was amazing. It's a really fun idea. The process from beginning to end was simple and fast and that really worked for our advantage."

"The Virtual Photo Booth was so easy to use, and everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words. Overall great tool, simple & fun."

"Communication was consistent and clear, process of booking and tweaking was efficient, and support provided from start to finish was responsive and phenomenal."

"Virtual Photo Booth was such a seamless experience that our virtual attendees enjoyed."

"Easy to set up from the backend and frontend. An easy way to bring fun to this virtual world. Also very affordable. I loved it all!"

Integrating Snapbar with Ring Central FAQ
Which Ring Central licences include the Snapbar integration?
Our Snapbar integration is currently only available for Ring Central Business and Enterprise customers. You can find an overview of our Ring Central licenses on our pricing page, feel free to contact their sales team if you'd like to discuss an upgrade.
What are the capabilities of the Snapbar integration?
By integrating Snapbar you'll be able to add a photo booth to any expo booth area in your event. Here an example of a Ring Central-themed photo booth.
How does the integration actually work?
Good question! You can view detailed integration documentation here.
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