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Per Person
25 headshot minimum ($750)
  • 1 Custom Studio
  • 2 Admin Users
  • 2 Custom Outputs
  • AI Powered Editing
  • Background Removal
  • Custom Image Crops
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Active Moderation
  • Custom Disclaimer
  • Custom File Naming
  • Custom Image Resizing
  • Flexible Exports
Per Person
Need more? Get in touch about Enterprise options!
additional studios
$500 each
Additional Studio

Have multiple unique Studios by department, location, style, etc.

additional outputs
$250 Each
Additional Output

Increase the outputs automatically created from each headshot.

additional admins
$150 each
Additional Admin

Increase the number of admins to help manage your headshot process.

custom fields
Custom Fields

Collect extra information from team members using custom fields.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long do I have access to our dashboard and photos?

Indefinitely! Once you are set up on Studio, you can continue to access the platform for as long as you need it. Add more headshots as you need them, activate new features, or customize your outputs to meet the needs of your company as your team grows.

If your Studio does go idle for 6 months, we will contact you as we reserve the right to shut down any Studios no longer in use to reduce server load.

Do requested retakes count as a new headshot?

Nope! We only want you to pay for quality headshots, and we know not everyone is a great photographer (or reads directions, let’s be honest). Admins have the ability to request up to 5 retakes per headshot submission before another headshot credit will be deducted from your account.

When does it make sense to have more than one Studio?

We recommend multiple Studios if your company would benefit from clear segmentation of multiple groups within the organization, or you’d like to set up different experiences for multiple groups.

Setting up multiple Studios for different groups allows each group to have easily sortable and exportable data, uniquely designed user experiences within each Studio, and unique photo outputs for each group. Still unsure? Ask us about your specific scenario!

Do I have to use AI editing?

You do not. We recommend you do, because the quality will be significantly better - particularly for poorly lit photos or from lower quality cameras. This feature can be toggled, though, so it is not mandatory!Choosing not to use the AI editing does not affect the per headshot pricing.

What are Output Styles versus Custom Crops?

Each Output Style (2 included by default) is a combination of a background, overlay (if requested), and a crop (circle and square are pretty standard). You can think of an output as the resulting headshot image after it passes through Studio.

Custom Crops allow you to implement uniquely shaped crops for whatever use case you have in mind. So you could have one standard circle crop for the website and then a unique shaped crop for business cards or some other use case.

Can I have my team members take multiple photos in different poses?

Absolutely! Studio supports multiple poses for clients who are interested in this option (a popular example is having a professional headshot and a fun headshot, to show some personality).

This can use additional headshot credits, however, so ask your sales rep about adding this option to your Studio to make sure you understand the options.

Can I provide my own backgrounds?
We hope you will! It’s one of the most important features for aligning your headshots with your brand - but if you’re not sure, you also have the option to choose from our asset library of popular options, or do a mix of both.
Do I need custom image resizing?

Custom Image Resizing is great when you need specific dimensions or printing specifications when exporting images, such as changing the DPI (dots per inch) for printing purposes or exporting images with specific pixel dimensions.

Our standard image size is 2000 pixels. If you do need specific custom sizes, this feature is included in the platform and we’re happy to help get you set up!

Do I need custom fields?

Most companies we work with don’t, but it’s a very handy and powerful feature if you need it. Custom Fields allow you to collect extra information from your headshot invitees like a unique ID, job title, department - you name it.

It’s particularly useful if you have existing systems you want to integrate with where these custom parameters need to align.

Is a custom or enterprise plan the right option for me?

If you are looking to capture more than 2,000 headshots - whether now or in the foreseeable future - we’re happy to work with you to customize a pricing plan.

Other popular reasons to customize an enterprise plan are several unique Studios, complex output needs, or custom system integration and use of the API. If you want to discuss the options, just reach out!

Have any more questions?
Let us know!