A User-Generated Video App for Audience Feedback

Snapbar Story is an intuitive web-app that makes it easy for any audience to share their video testimonials, feedback, perspective, or ideas with others.

What trend are you most excited about?
Story Driven
Story Driven

Listening is powerful. Story gives your audience a platform to help drive the conversation.

Incredibly Simple
Incredibly Simple

An intuitive interface makes it easy for any user to share their feedback, perspective or story.

Built For Connection
Built for Connection

Use short-form video content for marketing, events, testimonials, team-building and more.

Create Powerful Content & Meaningful Connections

1. Tell your story and engage audiences with an intuitive interface that prompts succinct, powerful responses.

2. Easily collect, moderate, and share testimonials and user-generated content about your events and products.

3. Empower employee connection with shout outs, introductions, announcements, and much more across your entire team.

How it works
Scan a QR code or follow a link to a dedicated landing page.
Choose a Product
Customize the Experience
Users answer prompts in an intuitive, custom-branded experience.
Videos are delivered to a dashboard where admins can moderate content.
Launch it and Smile
Customize the Experience
Download your videos or view them in a live, shareable gallery.
Did you know?

Video is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, making it arguably the most important medium for modern business interactions.

The Value of User-Generated Video

Humanize your company, team, or brand with easily generated content


Collect testimonials and feedback from any audience with an intuitive web-based UI


Drive connection for asynchronous teams with prompted video conversations


Supercharge onboarding with video content from new and existing employees


Personalize sales and customer experiences with easy-to-generate video responses

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