Fan experiences

Better Fan Experiences At Sporting Events

Our products connect fans to sports franchises by letting them express themselves and show their team pride via branded content that gets social media traction.

world class teams use Snapbar for fan experiences

We're making social fan engagement and photo marketing for sports easy.

Leveraging photo booth products for greater social media reach has become a staple at stadiums and sporting events.
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Fan Experiences
Better Fan Experiences

Today, almost every fan experience event includes photo marketing opportunities as a part of the effort to engage and connect with fans.

Our photo booth products elevate fan experiences at sporting events by generating social traction and encouraging personalized content creation, all of which connect the user to the franchise, players, stadium, or sponsors.

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Sponsorship Opportunities
Exciting Sponsorship Opportunities

Selfie Stands and Virtual Photo Booths provide an excellent opportunity for sponsors to increase exposure among their fan base.

Whether it's branding our physical products, customizing the output, or using our photo mosaic tool to bring thousands of fans together in one piece of visual art, Snapbar products are ideal for sporting events.

Social Reach
Greater Social Reach

Our products were designed for a world that relies on social media for communication and sharing. People love to share the best of what they experience, and sporting events are no exception.

Leveraging our photo booths to create better engagement and increase social reach for events and sponsors is why Snapbar exists.

“Virtual Booth is fantastic and perfect for the virtual world we live in right now. It's a great attendee engagement tool. The Snapbar team is amazing, very responsive and super helpful. Great customer service from start to finish!”
“It was a fantastic photo booth service and participants really seemed to enjoy it. Lots of selfies were taken which we were then able to promote on social media!”
“Using Snapbar made such a huge impact at our event without them I don’t think we would have had the amount of engagement we did!”
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